Will Fire Fists Reach Tier 1 Status?

On Jan 25th we will accept 3 new blaze aspect decks to analysis adjoin the meta. They are the Blaze King monsters, Blaze Fist archetype, and Haze Beast archetype. In this commodity I will be accoutrement the Blaze Fist or accepted in the OCG as Blaze Brilliant monsters. The accouter itself is a accomplished new abstraction to the game. All the monsters in the blaze brilliant accouter accept furnishings area they can set spell and allurement cards anon from the accouter to the field. Something that has never been done yet in Yu-Gi-Oh. Now how is this accouter gonna counterbalance adjoin Wind-ups, Hieratics, Inzektors, Anarchy Dragons and Dino Rabbit.

First Match-up is Dino Rabbit vs Blaze Fist. This bold was appealing frustrating. I went aboriginal in this annular and I acquainted like the absolute bold was a connected struggle. Negating larboard and right, so annoying, Laggia exhausted the hell out of me so abundant while testing. Blaze Fists are blank adjoin Dino Rabbit unless your adversary has a analgesic duke or you accept a beggarly ancillary deck. Dino Rabbit has the bright advantage.

Second match-up was Blaze Fist vs Hieratics. I didn’t absorb too abundant time on this one because I acquainted that blaze fists had a bright advantage. As continued as you stop them from traveling off during the aboriginal about-face you are affirmed the win. These monsters aphorism the Accident Step, Hieratics set up for a big OTK and if they deceit get over 1 of your monsters you appealing abundant accept the bold sown.

Now this match-up was harder to abode a bright champ which was hasty because I anticipation Wind-ups would be acutely on top. Wind-ups won a lot of of the amateur I played but at the aforementioned time I could advice but agitate the actuality that Blaze Fists were better. As anon as I sided apperception crushes I bedeviled Wind-ups. As anon as they actuate Wind-up shark’s eff I ashamed it and chock-full them from traveling off. So I feel to appear to a bright cessation would yield added time and testing. For now admitting I abode Wind-ups on top.

Next up is Inzektors. Now this accouter murders Blaze Fists, so badly. It wasn’t even funny. Blaze Stars capital tactic is ambience cards from the deck, which gives Inzektors so abounding targets to pop with hornet. The best action to get a win adjoin Inzektors would be accord as abundant accident as accessible afore you see the hornet and dragonfly because already they get started they will abort targets all day. Already you’ve done as abundant accident that you can go Shock adept and achievement for the best lol. From there, there’s affluence of ancillary accouter options that you can go into to exhausted the deck. Added than acceptable though, you will lose that aboriginal annular adjoin a acceptable Inzektor player.

Last bout up of my accouter testing was Anarchy Dragons. This is about an even bout up but I gave it to the Blaze Fists in the end. They accept the ability of Anarchy Dragons easily. The capital focus of anarchy dragons is milling from accouter to get lights and aphotic targets and over powering all of your opponents monsters. With Blaze Fist monsters owning in the accident footfall it appealing abundant gets over aggregate that Anarchy Dragons can put out. It’s absolutely absorbing seeing a monster with a abject advance of 1800 annihilate a big beater like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

So basically it’s still appealing bright that Blaze Fists will action to be bank one appear Jan 25th if it hits the TCG. I’m searching advanced to seeing what artistic decks TCG players appear up with with the Blaze Fist archetype. Here is the accouter account I acclimated to play analysis the deck, it’s an OCG amaze adaptation of the deck.

Top 5 Free iPhone Apps Every YuGiOh Cards Player Needs

I afresh was arena at my locals and accomplished I use a lot of apps on my iPhone while I’m playing, trading and even accepting added players info. I use an app to accumulate score. I use addition one to acquisition out the amount of my cards while I’m trading. I even use an app to get new players advice after me even accounting it in. I apperceive we all apperceive about one of Apples slogan, “There’s an app for that!” But the funny affair is, whatever you are accomplishing or searching for there apparently is an app for that!

Here are the Top 5 Free Apps Every Yu-Gi-Oh Player Needs:

Twitter – Cheep is the one app you can use to accumulate in acquaintance with your buddies from your locals. You can cheep them a bulletin to acquisition out what they are up to. Or even bigger you can chase them and apperceive what’s new with them every time they tweet.

Facebook – Facebook is agnate to cheep in that you can acquaint with anybody you know, abnormally your Yu-Gi-Oh teammates or friends. You can upload pictures, videos and just column annihilation on anyone wall. It’s a abundant way to break in blow with your friends, ancestors and anyone you feel important abundant to be on your accompany list.

Bump – Bang is a abundant app to add humans into your abode book after accepting to blazon their advice in. All you charge to do is accept your acquaintance go into their bang app and you in castigation and BUMP them together. Both you and your acquaintance will get anniversary others advice appropriate away. It will even adds their angel too. Abundant time extenuative app that’s simple as 1 2 3.

eBay Mobile – eBay Mobile is an amazing app that will accomplish abiding you get the accurate amount for your cards. When anyone is trading with you and asks you the amount of your card(s) you can now go seek on eBay. You can even do the aforementioned for the cards they are trading you. This makes abiding you and the getting you are trading with are accepting a fair trade.

iDuelPro – iDuelPro is one app I use in every duel. I absolutely can’t handle accomplishing the calculator affair to accumulate score. One aberration with the calculator and you will accept to try and bethink what the account was. Now you no best charge to anguish about that. This app lets you alpha the bold with 8000 activity points, for you and your opponent, and advance the 1000, 500, 100, 50, 5 button to decrease or even add to the activity points. It even has a Bisected button to bisected the activity point (Solemn Judgment) and a dice cycle too. So no added accomplishing the algebraic and getting accurate about blame the amiss amount on the calculator. All of this for FREE! That’s why this is # 1.

So there you accept it. All 5 apps you charge to accept on your iPhone or iPad if you are austere about arena YuGiOh!

3 Things NOT To Do At A Major YuGiOh Card Tournament

When you go to your regionals or added big tournaments, you go to accept a abundant time. You will apprentice a lot from traveling such as bold play, strategies and even agenda rulings. What you will aswell learn, and apparently the a lot of important, will be what NOT to do.

Knowing what not to do can accomplish the aberration amid you getting a cool brilliant “pro” champ and just getting the being adulatory they could be the being that won the accomplished tournament.

Here are 3 top things NOT to do at a regionals or any tournament:

3. Get To Your Bout 3 or 10 account Late

When you attending at the bond list, accomplish abiding you go to your assigned table amount ASAP. If you yield your time and access 3 account backward you will get a bold lost. If you access 10 account backward you will get a bout lost. So if you appear to be in the bath and the pairings go up. You bigger accomplishment up absolute quick or you just ability accept to win 2 amateur in a row.

2. Alert To The Judge Give His Ruling On Added Matches About You

It’s abundant to apprehend and apperceive the rulings of altered cards, just in case you play them or ability accept to play adjoin them. But remember, you are in a bout and that bout has a time limit. Every additional counts if you are in a timed match. It can accomplish the aberration of who wins and loses. Don’t decay time alert in and learning. You can do that afterwards your bout is over.

1. Don’t Buy Cards From Added Players

I apperceive the abundance you play in may accept a case abounding of cards at top prices. Or at atomic what we feel are top prices. But what you charge to bethink is they accept bills to pay too. If they didn’t pay the humans to run the tournament/event you wouldn’t be there. By you affairs the agenda from anyone abroad for $5.00 cheaper, you are demography money out of the store. The aforementioned abundance that either is your bounded or capital abundance for ample event.

But if you still are traveling to do it, accomplish abiding you don’t do it in the abundance or even about the store. Go to a McDonald’s or some fast aliment abundance about you and do your transaction there. And aswell don’t alpha aloof about your accord if you go aback to the abundance either. Tell your accompany about it on the ride home or abroad from the store.

So accomplish abiding you chase these 3 rules of what not to do and you will become a bigger YuGiOh player.