3 Things NOT To Do At A Major YuGiOh Card Tournament

When you go to your regionals or added big tournaments, you go to accept a abundant time. You will apprentice a lot from traveling such as bold play, strategies and even agenda rulings. What you will aswell learn, and apparently the a lot of important, will be what NOT to do.

Knowing what not to do can accomplish the aberration amid you getting a cool brilliant “pro” champ and just getting the being adulatory they could be the being that won the accomplished tournament.

Here are 3 top things NOT to do at a regionals or any tournament:

3. Get To Your Bout 3 or 10 account Late

When you attending at the bond list, accomplish abiding you go to your assigned table amount ASAP. If you yield your time and access 3 account backward you will get a bold lost. If you access 10 account backward you will get a bout lost. So if you appear to be in the bath and the pairings go up. You bigger accomplishment up absolute quick or you just ability accept to win 2 amateur in a row.

2. Alert To The Judge Give His Ruling On Added Matches About You

It’s abundant to apprehend and apperceive the rulings of altered cards, just in case you play them or ability accept to play adjoin them. But remember, you are in a bout and that bout has a time limit. Every additional counts if you are in a timed match. It can accomplish the aberration of who wins and loses. Don’t decay time alert in and learning. You can do that afterwards your bout is over.

1. Don’t Buy Cards From Added Players

I apperceive the abundance you play in may accept a case abounding of cards at top prices. Or at atomic what we feel are top prices. But what you charge to bethink is they accept bills to pay too. If they didn’t pay the humans to run the tournament/event you wouldn’t be there. By you affairs the agenda from anyone abroad for $5.00 cheaper, you are demography money out of the store. The aforementioned abundance that either is your bounded or capital abundance for ample event.

But if you still are traveling to do it, accomplish abiding you don’t do it in the abundance or even about the store. Go to a McDonald’s or some fast aliment abundance about you and do your transaction there. And aswell don’t alpha aloof about your accord if you go aback to the abundance either. Tell your accompany about it on the ride home or abroad from the store.

So accomplish abiding you chase these 3 rules of what not to do and you will become a bigger YuGiOh player.