Will Fire Fists Reach Tier 1 Status?

On Jan 25th we will accept 3 new blaze aspect decks to analysis adjoin the meta. They are the Blaze King monsters, Blaze Fist archetype, and Haze Beast archetype. In this commodity I will be accoutrement the Blaze Fist or accepted in the OCG as Blaze Brilliant monsters. The accouter itself is a accomplished new abstraction to the game. All the monsters in the blaze brilliant accouter accept furnishings area they can set spell and allurement cards anon from the accouter to the field. Something that has never been done yet in Yu-Gi-Oh. Now how is this accouter gonna counterbalance adjoin Wind-ups, Hieratics, Inzektors, Anarchy Dragons and Dino Rabbit.

First Match-up is Dino Rabbit vs Blaze Fist. This bold was appealing frustrating. I went aboriginal in this annular and I acquainted like the absolute bold was a connected struggle. Negating larboard and right, so annoying, Laggia exhausted the hell out of me so abundant while testing. Blaze Fists are blank adjoin Dino Rabbit unless your adversary has a analgesic duke or you accept a beggarly ancillary deck. Dino Rabbit has the bright advantage.

Second match-up was Blaze Fist vs Hieratics. I didn’t absorb too abundant time on this one because I acquainted that blaze fists had a bright advantage. As continued as you stop them from traveling off during the aboriginal about-face you are affirmed the win. These monsters aphorism the Accident Step, Hieratics set up for a big OTK and if they deceit get over 1 of your monsters you appealing abundant accept the bold sown.

Now this match-up was harder to abode a bright champ which was hasty because I anticipation Wind-ups would be acutely on top. Wind-ups won a lot of of the amateur I played but at the aforementioned time I could advice but agitate the actuality that Blaze Fists were better. As anon as I sided apperception crushes I bedeviled Wind-ups. As anon as they actuate Wind-up shark’s eff I ashamed it and chock-full them from traveling off. So I feel to appear to a bright cessation would yield added time and testing. For now admitting I abode Wind-ups on top.

Next up is Inzektors. Now this accouter murders Blaze Fists, so badly. It wasn’t even funny. Blaze Stars capital tactic is ambience cards from the deck, which gives Inzektors so abounding targets to pop with hornet. The best action to get a win adjoin Inzektors would be accord as abundant accident as accessible afore you see the hornet and dragonfly because already they get started they will abort targets all day. Already you’ve done as abundant accident that you can go Shock adept and achievement for the best lol. From there, there’s affluence of ancillary accouter options that you can go into to exhausted the deck. Added than acceptable though, you will lose that aboriginal annular adjoin a acceptable Inzektor player.

Last bout up of my accouter testing was Anarchy Dragons. This is about an even bout up but I gave it to the Blaze Fists in the end. They accept the ability of Anarchy Dragons easily. The capital focus of anarchy dragons is milling from accouter to get lights and aphotic targets and over powering all of your opponents monsters. With Blaze Fist monsters owning in the accident footfall it appealing abundant gets over aggregate that Anarchy Dragons can put out. It’s absolutely absorbing seeing a monster with a abject advance of 1800 annihilate a big beater like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

So basically it’s still appealing bright that Blaze Fists will action to be bank one appear Jan 25th if it hits the TCG. I’m searching advanced to seeing what artistic decks TCG players appear up with with the Blaze Fist archetype. Here is the accouter account I acclimated to play analysis the deck, it’s an OCG amaze adaptation of the deck.